2015 Wedding Trends: Pantone- Aquamarine

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Every year Pantone releases it's colors of the year. Pantones color for 2015 is Marsala. A rich, warm red-brown color taking it's name after wine. It's not everyone's cup of tea wine, so it's a good thing that Pantone has nine other colors for spring 2015. Surely there's a color in here that everyone will love! We can't pick just one because they're all beautiful!
Today we're sharing color inspiration for Aquamarine.
See below for sources
The bluish-green-iridescent color is fresh and clean. It pairs well with neutral tones like tans and browns. But it's versatility allows it to pop with pinks, corals and bright whites.
 Aquamarine looks stunning with a spring or summer background.
But would also work beautifully for a winter wedding mixed with rich golds and white

It is truly a versatile color leaving endless options!
Check back in next week for color inspiration from Scuba Blue!

Wedding Makeup Do's and Don'ts

Monday, April 27, 2015

Whether or not you are a regular makeup aficionado, here are some major do's and don'ts you'll want to follow for your big day. Nobody wants to look like a clown once you get those pictures back, or reversely,  like you just woke up. Here are some great tips for the big day that will have you looking like YOU (and beautiful for those closeups!)...
A trial run. This is not the time to leave your makeup to chance. Practice what you're makeup will look like for the big day. Have a friend do a few test photos in different lighting (indoor and outdoor) and adjust your makeup as needed. 

Don't skimp. This is the time for a little wedding splurge...hire yourself a professional makeup artist. Makeup may seem like the perfect place to save a few bucks but we think otherwise. Your makeup can make or break your overall bridal look you've worked so hard to create. You will have closeup pictures taken, be face to face to not only your groom but possibly dozens of guests and you will look back on your wedding photos for years to come. Budget in other places, but set aside money for a professional makeup artist. You won't be sorry!
Stay hydrated!! Water will be your #1 ally to help keep your skin glowing. Not only will water keep you looking great, it will also help you to feel better in times of wedded stress. On the day of, have someone keep water on hand throughout the day and remind you to drink. You could even make a big batch of cucumber-mint-lime water for you and all your ladies as you get ready. Bonus, this is a natural detox and will help ward off a hangover the next day.

Don't over do it. You want your groom and guests to recognize you. If you are a person who doesn't wear any or much make-up in the day to day, don't use your wedding day to try every Sephora product. Highlight your best features and go light with the makeup so you look like the best version of yourself.

Keep a stash to freshen up. Designate one bridesmaid (preferably one good with makeup) to hold on to your emergency stash of makeup to touch you up throughout the day/night. Keep the basics like lipstick and lipgloss, blotting papers, pressed powder, blush and mascara. This will ensure you look your best from the beginning of the ceremony til the time you say your goodbyes.

Don't go for any major cosmetic procedures within the 2-4 weeks leading up to your wedding. We're talking chemical peels, major facials or anything your skin could act adversely to. This also goes for new products. Now is not the time to experiment with new face products! Nobody wants a Samantha Jones bee-keeper incident for their wedding day.
Go with your gut. Beauty truly comes from within so trust your judgement, be yourself, and be happy. That will shine through any amount of makeup.

Browse our Pinterest board for more makeup tips and ideas.

DIY Friday: 37 Things To DIY Instead Of Buy For Your Wedding

Friday, April 24, 2015

It seems like everyone is doing the DIY wedding thing these days. Whether it be for budgeting purposes, style purposes or you just like to craft- DIY is all the rage. In a perfect world, you would DIY your wedding to your hearts content but lets face it, who has that kind of time? Below is a listing of 37 items you can easily DIY, instead of buying for your wedding- giving you that hand touch and saving you some money for really important things, like white Louboutin shoes ;) Pick and choose what works for you and your budget to create the wedding of your dreams!

Happy Friday!

Happy Earth Day: Eco-Wedding Ideas

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day! To mark the day, we're sharing some of our favorite eco-friendly wedding ideas. These ideas aren't exclusive for the earth friendly couple, but things anyone could adopt into their life and wedding!

Some great eco-friendly wedding tips can be found here, here and here!

Enjoy the beautiful day, plant some seeds, huge a tree and spread the love! Happy Earth Day!

Budget Savvy Bridal

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A wise friend once gave me the best wedding advice: Pick two things that matter most to you- splurge on those and be budget savvy for the rest. For some brides it’s the photographer and the dress, others it’s the venue and cake, whatever your non-negotiables may be, we’ve got the rest of your bridal needs covered.

Something borrowed.
Vintage is the new [old] black and wearing your mother’s pearls never goes out of style. Consider borrowing some family jewels, now all you need is something new and something blue.

Flowers to last a lifetime.
Flowers can make for a large chunk of your budget so consider silk flowers instead of fresh. They last longer, are much more affordable, come in every color/style under the moon and assembly can make for an awesome bridesmaids’ night in, with wine of course!
                                                                                             {Beauty by Arielle}

Ditch the Veil.
Keep your hair simple and elegant by adding some baby’s breath and small flowers to your braids and/or updo  -OR- add some simple headbands and/or barrettes from Claire’s or Target. You can even come up with some great DIY options with some help from Hobby Lobby.
Bohemian Wedding Hairstyle
Shop for Comfort.
Just like Cinderella needed glass slippers, every bride needs the perfect shoe- preferably one that won’t slip off at the end of the night or end up falling victim to multiple shoe changes. So, dress for comfort and don’t force yourself into heels if you’re a flats kind of gal. Shop department stores and don’t be afraid to sport some shoes that reflect your style so you can wear them again.
Im not much of a Heel person so i think these would be perfect for my wedding!

                             {Toms}                                                                                     {Wedding Chicks}

Bridesmaids are your Best Assets.
We all have that one friend, you know, the one with perfect hair and makeup who can effortlessly make anyone look stunning too. Well, dial a friend and ask for some help! Sometimes all it takes is a couple pre-wedding trial/errors and YouTube hair tutorials to find the perfect hair and makeup. The girl time is an added plus. 
Romantic Up Do | 28 DIY Hairstyles  Something like this for your hair, we could bring in the flower w/ little bits of sparkle from the dress into the hair.

With a little help from friends, combined with your personal style, you can surely cut costs without cutting corners.

Pinterest Finds: Long Sleeved Wedding Dresses

Monday, April 20, 2015

Some days are just made for browsing Pinterest...all day. Monday is definitely that day. We gathered up the best links (shown below each picture) for tons of long sleeved wedding dresses, one of the hottest trends for 2015. Enjoy!
{Brit + Co}
{Wedding Party App}

{Bridal Musings}
{Inspired Bride}
Be sure to check out our Pinterest for all things wedding!

Wedding DIY Friday

Friday, April 17, 2015

Everyone loves going to a wedding that really gives a glimpse into the life of the couple. Whether that be from their creative touch, personal pictures or anything that just screams 'our love'. It's much easier to get this vibe when you add in do-it-yourself touches. But, lets face it, not everyone is Martha Stewart. On Friday's we'll be bringing you attainable DIY ideas to help add that personal touch to your big day.

Today we're talking all about favors. Oh favors, they can be extremely expensive when you're talking about purchasing anything in a quantity of 100+. However, with some creativity (and a glue gun) you can turn a big expense into a lovely DIY your guests are sure to love. Bonus: make this a little assembly party with your bridesmaids so everyone can get to know each other before the big day!

//one// Fresh blooms are always in season. This lavender favor is beautiful, delicate and has to smell amazing. The best part, you could easily exchange the lavender with another inexpensive bloom or herb, wrap it in butcher paper and finish it off with a personalized sticker and some twine. It'd be so easy to exchange the butcher paper with fabric and ribbon to suite your wedding style. If you are local to New Mexico, head over to Los Poblanos Farm as a local lavender source!

//two// Lets say you're a couple who loves music, so why not share that passion with your guests by making them a love mix-tape (of mix CD, etc)? Plus you get to listen to your favorite songs with your favorite guy or gal as you make the tape :) Get creative with the packaging...kraft paper, a lovely bag or a keepsake sleeve. This is a great opportunity to tie in your wedding theme with your favor.
{Green Wedding Shoes}

//three// How adorable are these tile coasters? You can easily make a stamp online or on Etsy, personalized for your day, then make a party of stamping and placing little felt bottoms for a favor your guests are sure to use over and over again (and actually remember your special day!).
{Every Last Detail}

//four// If there is one favor on this list that just screams New Mexico, this is it! Welcome to land of red or green :) Why not incorporate a little NM flavor into your wedding by sending your guests home with a mini bottle of your favorite chili or salsa. They will love it for sure!
{Something Turquoise}

The key to any wedding DIY is to make it personal to you and your fiance and most of all HAVE FUN!

Happy Friday Friends!

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Real NM Couples: Rebekah and Steven's Engagement

Thursday, April 16, 2015

We love hearing stories of love and how couples came to be. Today we're sharing a real New Mexico couple's story. Here is the story of how Rebekah and Steven met and eventually got engaged...

Steven and I met dancing flamenco. He came to the Conservatory of Flamenco Arts to take classes and I was his teacher. We never really talked much. That was years ago.

Last fall I would cross paths with him on my way to flamenco rehearsal. He was so handsome. But again, we never really talked. Then, we ran into each other on New Years at a salsa club. He messaged me on Facebook the next day and said that I owed him a dance. He invited me to Q-bar one Thursday night, and we hit it off immediately. We spent that entire weekend together. By the next weekend we knew we were in love and we decided to get married. So, I introduced him to my parents. He took my dad out for lunch and asked for his blessing. My dad said that Steven passed the test. So, we knew that we would be engaged soon.

One Saturday evening we took the dogs for a walk up to the crest. It was freezing, there was snow and ice on the ground. But the sunset was gorgeous. As we watched the sun dip down behind the volcanoes he told me that his dad had proposed to his mom at that very same place. I knew the time had come. He asked me to marry him, pulled out a little blue box, opened it, and out popped the ring! It fell down to the ground and bounced through the railing onto the dark, snowy mountain. "Don't move! I see it!" Steven said to me. So I didn't move. He jumped over the rail, in the last moments of sunlight, and found the ring. He came back to me and slipped it on my finger. It was exhilarating. We drove back to Albuquerque to share the news with my family.

It's amazing how love works in mysterious ways and fate brought these two together. Congratulations to the beautiful couple! Happy wishes for a lifetime of bliss together and thank you for sharing your love story with us!

Do you want to share your engagement story? We'd love to hear it! E-mail us at dreamweddingnm@gmail.com to submit your story.

Wedding Trend Tuesday: Flowers

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

 Flowers have always been a wedding must have. But in 2015, they will take center stage, after the bride, of course. Some of the flower trends we're seeing in 2015...

//Flower Walls// By now you've probably seen the Kimye wedding (and if not, you've probably been living under a rock). The flower wall at their wedding was ba-na-na-as gorgeous! Ok, so your average Jane is probably not going to be able to afford a West wedding wall of flowers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the same dramatic affect. You could try a DIY paper flower wall or string less expensive flowers for a delicate flower look. The sky is the limit so time to get creative because it looks like flower walls are here to stay for 2015!

//Greenery// Ok, so technically greenery isn't a flower, but it's quickly replacing flowers when it comes to weddings. You can save a bunch (see what I did there?) on flowers by going with greenery as an alternate. And let me tell you, you won't even miss flowers because this greenery is gaga! Look how gorgeous greenery can transform a space!

//Garden bouquets// Forget perfectly coifed bouquets and head to your Grandma's garden for your wedding day arrangement. The Boho-Rustic vibes are still going strong and garden varieties lend well to those themes. Just because these are less traditional flowers, doesn't mean they can't be beautifully arranged and picture perfect like this beauty below.
//Hanging Floral Arrangements// Avoid leaning over those monstrous centerpieces to talk to the person across from you with these hanging floral arrangements. These are definitely a statement piece that add drama to your event. We're loving this green arrangement with hints of Pantones color of the year, Marsala!
Which trend will you be trying out for your big day? Stay tuned for more floral inspiration in the coming weeks! 

Best of Pinterest: Wedding Websites

Monday, April 13, 2015

With Pinterest being used more than ever it can become overwhelming looking at the plethora of information. Especially when it comes to wedding information. There are a million wedding resources but not enough time to sort out the best ones. We've helped you out and compiled a list of some unique wedding websites that will surely help you with the big day and beyond!
With Guesterly you can create a wedding magazine filled with everything about you...your info, photos of you as a couple, your fiancé, members of the wedding and all the guests. Each guest will have one in tow making it the perfect way to break the ice before everyone gets on the dance floor!
The best part is you get to keep the memento to look back on this special time.
For the tech savy couple, you'll want to use the awesome wedding website templates powered by Squarespace. You can create a website tailored to your couple style and link your registry, social media, blog, announcements and much more.
Nobody has time to deal with numerous addresses, sending out thank notes for your many wedding occasions and still plan a wedding! Well Postable will make your job that much easier by creating an online database of your addresses. You pick out your 100% recycled thank you cards, type those thank you's and it 'writes' the cards for you with a cool handwriting font, they mail then, DONE! Seriously, it cannot get any easier.
You remember that scene from Sex and the City movie where Carries assistant has the Louise Vuitton purse she rented? Well Happily Ever Borrowed is based on the same premise. You can rent designer accessories, from tiaras to veils, to really take your bridal style to the next level. Except you don't have to worry about a hefty price tag and having something you'll never use again. This has to be one of the coolest wedding websites!
Everyone and their mom is using hashtags, especially on Instagram. It's the perfect way to see all the photos from your wedding from the perspective of all your guests with a smart phone. Which basically, is everyone. Am I right? Well with the wedding hashtag generator, you get a unique hashtag to share with all your guests. You could even take it a step further and print all your Instagram photos using a website like FoxGram. Nothing like some candid shots of Grandma busting a move on the dance floor!
 Follow us on Pinterest for even more wedding websites and ideas!

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