DIY: Succulent Table Numbers

Friday, May 8, 2015

We are so excited to introduce our new DIY series on centerpieces and favors. And don't worry, Martha Stewart crafting skills or budget not required for any of these pieces. The idea is to have fun, bring your own style to your wedding and save yourself some money. Without further ado, lets get started!!
Today we're starting out with succulent table numbers which can also double as a unique centerpiece. The best part of this project is, it's versatility. You could easily change the bowl to fit your theme, the rocks to your wedding colors and the succulent could also be a lovely herb or another type of greenery. 

  • Small Succulent plant- Prices range from $2.99 at a local nursery like Jericho or $5.00/4 at Lowes
  • Glass pebbles- Any hobby store like Michaels, Hobby Lobby or JoAnne's. OR checkout Dollar Tree!
  • Rock from outside (seriously, that easy)- look for rocks with a surface you can write on
  • Glass container- $5 find at a local nursery, hobby store or antique store. Mismatched containers welcome!
  • Permanent Marker- again, find something that goes with your colors
  • Slice of wood- $14 Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Use that 40% off coupon!
In case you didn't know what a rock looked like ;)
After you've gathered all your supplies, choose what you'll write on your rock. You can do your initials, your wedding date, last name or even quotes about love. Whatever you do, make sure the table number is the predominant feature on the rock for better visibility.

We chose a bowl that was shallow enough to save materials without having to fill up a large area. Yet it is deep enough to cover the entire succulent packaging. We chose to keep the succulent in it's original housing which would allow you to either take the succulents home for yourself, or share them with your guests at the end of the night.

Arrange your plant and rock in the bowl, leaving enough space for your glass pebbles. Once the plant and rock are settled, carefully arrange your glass pebbles to cover the bottom of the bowl and plastic plant container.

To finish, simply place your arrangement on the wood slice for a more pronounced centerpiece.

That's it! In four simple steps you have a beautiful-unique arrangement that's going to wow your guests and costs less than $25! You really cannot beat that! Again, you can easily change any component of this piece to make it uniquely yours.

Happy Friday friends!

-Jessica and Alex

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