DIY: Succulent Wedding Favors

Friday, May 15, 2015

Welcome to the second installment of our DIY Series on centerpieces and favors! 

This week we're showcasing some wedding favors sure to please all your guests with one of our favorite trends, succulents!!! Your hands may get a little dirty but we're making it fun, simple and easy to personalize.

This wedding favor meshes together mini mason jars, twine and wood tags. It's the perfect touch for a rustic wedding and recipients can replant the succulent and watch it grow (just like your love).

  • Small Succulent- Prices vary from $2.99 at your local nursery or 4/$5.00 at Lowes
  • Sea Glass- Found at any hobby store or on Amazon, these came from the clearance section at Target 
  • Mini Mason Jar- $1.00 section at Target or any hobby store 
  • Permanent or Paint Marker- Find one to match your style 
  • Wood Mason Jar Tags- Found at Hobby Lobby 10/$2.27

This project takes about 2 minutes per favor but it speeds up with a friend by your side.

//Step 1//
Using your favorite color of sea glass, fill your mason jar 2/3 of the way. Have fun mixing and matching your favorite color for a personal touch.

//Step 2//
Placing the succulent in the narrow jar wasn't as easy as we originally thought. So, make sure you squish the soil into a circular shape with your hands then insert into the jar. Pat it down so it's flush with lip of the jar. Don't be afraid to get a little "dirty".

//Step 3//
After you clean up your work area a bit, it's time for some messaging. Using our permanent marker we chose to write "Let our Love Grow" and the date, but don't afraid to play around some creative messaging and incorporate your name to be, date, etc. You can always write a message on both sides of the tag. 

//Step 4//
Can you believe we're almost done making this adorable wedding favor? All that's left is a simple piece of twine through the tag and around the jar to add the perfect rustic touch.

//The Finished Product//

We love using succulents because they are durable plants that can thrive nearly anywhere and are easy to replant.  This is the perfect way for your guests to be reminded of your love long after your wedding day.

Happy Friday!

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