Healthy Wedding Hair Tips

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Your hair is one of the first things people will see at your wedding and you will have countless photos with your do on display, so make sure it's in tip top shape for the big day. A great hairstyle starts with healthy hair. Here are some helpful hair tips for the weeks and days leading up to the wedding day.
//one// Drink water! Isn't this the answer to everything? Yes!! Water will keep you and your hair hydrated and looking fabulous.
//two// Do a hair mask once a week. You can try a pre-made hair mask or use what you have at home and try a DIY hair mask.

 //three// Biotin. Add this little pill to your daily vitamin routine and you'll see results in no time. More hair growth, stronger nails and beautiful hair.
//four// Don't stress! Ya right, it's wedding season! But do yourself a favor and chill out by taking a yoga class, a UFC boxing class or a bike ride. Less stress on your mind means a healthier body...and hair!
//five// Cut the crap on your hair. Yes, we said it. Stop using all those nasty chemicals that will just create buildup on your hair leaving it less than lush. Opt for natural products, sulfate free (which seriously dry out your locks) and hydrating.
//six// Massage your scalp. Not only will it feel amazing, massaging your scalp will activate your hair follicles promoting growth and will distribute your natural hair oils. Get that fiancé on board and take turns giving scalp massages. Use a natural oil like Euro Oil for added benefits.
//seven// Eat clean. You know what they say 'you are what you eat'. If you're stuffing yourself with greasy, unhealthy foods, you'll feel it and so will your hair. We like the 80/20 rule of eating clean 80% of the time and allowing yourself those less than perfect moments 20% of the time.
//eight// Don't do any major changes to your hair a few months before your wedding. Major hair color changes, a big cut, bang, etc. These can all wreak havoc on your wedding day hair. You want to look like you on your wedding day. Keep the bangs for the honeymoon stage ;)
//nine// Keep the over styling to a minimum. The blow dryer, curling iron and flat iron will dry out your ends and fry your hair. Braids are on trend right now, so give your hair a break from the heat and wear a trendy braid instead. Your locks will thank you.


//ten// Dry Shampoo. Not only will it keep extra shampooing and styling down, it'll also save you some serious time for more important planning a wedding! We love this Triple Sec 3-1 Dry Bar Shampoo!

These aren't your traditional wedding hair tips, but beautiful hair starts with a good foundation from the inside out. A healthy mind and body will shine through those luscious locks creating the basis for a beautiful hairstyle on your wedding day.


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