Posing During Your Engagement Photography

Monday, August 24, 2015

We're giving away an engagement photo shoot to one lucky couple provided by the talented PlayOnLight Photography. Click here for your chance to enter! What better way to prep for those engagement photos than some tips by a pro? Adrienne from PlayOnLight Photography is sharing 5 Tips for Posing During Your Engagement Photography.

Your makeup and hair are on point and your man is lookin’ his best, now to make sure you do not look incredibly awkward during your shoot!  

Your engagement photography is photography just about you and your fiance and the best photos are the ones when you’re naturally being around one each other. I recommend having a glass of wine before the shoot to loosen up.  Also, you’ll be asked to kiss on demand and hold it so make sure you have your lip gloss handy for re-application here and there.

Here’s 5 tips on how to look adorable and in love:

//one// Look into one another's eyes.  
Go try it now, it will make you laugh, it will make you focused and it will make you truly tap into one another’s energy.  It makes for a great photo of being in the moment.

//two// Wrap yourself around one another.  
Get on their back! Wrap your arms around and give a good squeeze. Don’t be afraid to put your arms around the other’s neck.  This creates movement and having your arms around someone from behind shows affection and togetherness.

//three// Don’t always smile.  
When you look at one another, don’t smile just look at them. Also you can look and open your mouth just a little.  This creates the idea that you are looking at them with some mystery and depth and looks quite sexy.  Also, practice looking away while smiling and closing our eyes while smiling. 

//four// Get on the floor.  
Some of my best shots are taken looking down on the couple or hiding in the grass while shooting the couple as they talk or laugh together.  So wear clothing and chose a location that will also be suitable for you to get low, on stairs, in a field.   Ladies, if you’re wearing skirts always make sure to sit with your feet crossed, to ensure you’re showing your best angle.

//five// Steal a kiss. 
While looking into one another’s eyes, wrapping yourself around them, or looking and not smiling, steal a kiss (BUT HOLD IT).  I love when couples truly embrace the moment and get caught up and kiss on their own without my direction.  The only thing is, I need to focus my camera so kiss but hold it, or just hold it till you hear a “click” from my camera!  Also, it's a good idea to practice dipping and kissing while dipping, it’s a great engagement and wedding shot.

Thank you again to the talented Adrienne for the great tips and stunning photos! Be sure to check back next week for even more wedding photography tips from the pro!

How to Dress for Your Engagement Photos by PlayOnLight Photography

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Did you miss the big news yesterday? We're giving away an engagement photo-shoot to one lucky couple provided by the talented PlayOnLight Photography. Click here for your chance to enter! What better way to prep for those engagement photos than some tips by a pro? Adrienne from PlayOnLight Photography is sharing 5 Tips for How to Dress for your Engagement Photos.

There is so much to consider when planning your engagement photography!  Your outfits should reflect your personalities and this session describes you as a couple during this special milestone in your life together. As the photographer, I’ve come across a few standing ovations and a few “what were you thinking”?  Bottom Line, be yourself...just the cutest version of yourselves.  Here are some simple tips to consider:

 //one// Classy, Sassy, Easy - those are themes you want to shoot for most during your engagement session. Classy - a flowy, whimsical evening dress or simple cocktail dress, perhaps a bowtie or fitted trousers on your fiance? Sassy, have fun with your photography! Sass it up with a dramatic eye, redder than usual lip, big hair, gloves, hat, fedora on your man, leather jacket a long coat, if you have tattoos - show them a little the color and texture looks great in photos.  Easy, if your relationship dynamic is not dressing up and you are more books, nature, sports and you prefer to wear flats or Converse?  Well then be you, but do it creatively! Sport team shirts, reading your favorite novels, bring your bikes, set your shoot on a rock, bring your dog?  Mostly be YOU, well...the best version of you as a couple.
//two// Location Collaboration -I always try to collaborate with my couples and get a feel of them and decide on a location that suits them best.  This has been the top of Sandia Crest, 50’s Diner, a baseball park, Downtown, Farms, Old Town or in an open field.  Regardless of location, your outfits must be be suited to that environment or you’ll spend half of your session trying to stay warm, keep dirt off you, fix your hair or stop sweating.  For example: if we’re going to hike somewhere ,bring comfy shoes or flat boots and a jacket.  I always encourage the couple to visit the location on their own before the shoot so they can choose an appropriate outfit.
//three// Color Me Bad - Your outfit swatch is very important! The most important rule with color is PLEASE DON’T NOT WEAR THE SAME COLOR or heaven forbid, the SAME OUTFIT! Do add elements of each other’s color in your outfits. Since many couples feature their Engagement Photography at their Wedding or Save the Dates; this can an opportunity to subtly incorporate your wedding theme colors in your photography. I tell my clients to incorporate 3 colors, no more!  If you wear a black dress have fun using a pop of color with your shoes and nails.  Use that same pop of color in an element of your fianc├ęs, like his tie, scarf or shoes or a stripe or pattern in his shirt.  The two remaining colors can be neutral, dark or both.
//four// Hair & Makeup - Since you are investing money into your photography, you may want to consider getting your makeup done professionally.  Color relays differently in a photo. While a neutral lip color and barely-there makeup looks great in real life, in a photo, you’ll look washed out.  While doing your make-up consider a long-thick lash, well defined brow and contouring of your cheeks, and blush.  These tricks make such a difference! Your hair should also reflect you, don’t try something new the day of the shoot! You can do a couple looks if you’d like by having it back for some and down for some.  If your hair is short make sure it is styled with lots of hairspray!  There is always wind during shoots and I’ve seen hair slowly flatten or frizz. You may also want to consider brightening your teeth.
//five// Style it up! - Don’t be afraid to use props, cars, hats, scarves, guitar, balloons, or a flower in your hair!  Your Engagement marks a fun time in your relationship, a time that can never be returned so don’t be afraid to go a little crazy! Get creative and do a fun DIY Save the Date.  If your lifestyle is country, take a photo on the bed of your truck with a cowboy hat. If you’re a little nerdy, wear your favorite superhero shirt (just don’t match) or consider doing the shoot in a library or on a pile of books. If you’re into music wear headphones around the neck while posing in a graffiti downtown.  If you like to bike, do a little portion of your session on your bikes. This doesn’t have to be all of your shoot just a little portion that explains what your interests are as a couple.  
Thank you Adrienne for the amazing tips and beautiful photos! Be sure to check back next week for even more wedding photography tips from the pro!

Engagement Photoshoot G I V E A W A Y! PlayOnLight Photography

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

We are excited to bring you an incredible giveaway for an engagement photo-shoot by the amazing PlayOnLight Photography.
Adrienne Acosta is the talent behind the camera of PlayOnLight Photography. Originally from Los Angeles, CA she worked in the publishing industry for a company that published 200 magazines where she was introduced to photography working as a photography assistant. Family ties brought her to The Land of Enchantment, which she now lovingly calls home, eleven years ago. Adrienne's husband, David, and her began photographing family and friends weddings.
Adrienne Acosta, Owner and Photographer PlayOnLight Photography
With encouragement and support from her husband, Adrienne started PlayOnLight Photography four years ago. Since then, she's done every type of photo-shoot but finds the most passion with infants and weddings, both challenging but the most rewarding.

PlayOnLight Photography has flourished in the past four years thanks to loyal clients spreading the word about this talented woman. The Mother of three recently did her first Gallery Show 'Hood-Scapes' in Downtown Albuquerque with accolades written by the Albuquerque Journal. Adrienne's passion for New Mexico, the locals, the beautiful scenery, sunsets and natural landscapes make for a unique perspective and one amazing photographer.
For the giveaway, one lucky couple will win the following with PlayOnLight Photography:
  • 1 Hour Outdoor Engagement Shoot
  • 2 Locations
  • 2 Outfit Changes
  • A Jump Drive of 50 edited, high-resolution images you'll own complete rights to
It doesn't get any better than that! Below is your chance to enter. The more entries you fulfill, the better your chances. We will announce the winner on Friday September 4th, 2015.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Check back tomorrow for some amazing tips from Adrienne herself on how to dress for your engagement photoshoot! The weeks leading up to the announcement of the winner, we'll be sharing photography tips related to engagements, weddings and everything in between. Stay tuned!
Be sure to visit PlayOnLight Photography for more beautiful photos and inspiration!
A huge thank you to PlayOnLight Photography for sponsoring this amazing giveaway!

Rules: Winning couple must be local to New Mexico. Any changes or additions to the prize as listed will be at an additional price paid to PlayOnLight Photography. The photoshoot shall take place in Albuquerque, Santa Fe or in between Albuquerque and Los Lunas, NM. Entries will be verified.

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